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Dermalift Facial                                                                     £25.00


Silhouette Dermalift is a non surgical facelift treatment that uses micro-currents to gently lift and tone facial and neck muscles. The Dermalift treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes and boosts the circulation, bringing back the natural glow and elasticity of youthful skin.


- Visable decrease in lines and wrinkles

- Increased Hydration

- Re-firming of facial muscles

- Improved Circulation

- Increase in natural Collagen production



Dermafusion Facial                                                              £25.00


Silhouette Dermafusion is the professional infusion of selected active ingredients which work in harmony to treat and prevent the signs of ageing.

The unique gentle micro-pulses of the Dermafusion treatment successfully achieve twice the penetration of the active ingredients compared to conventional facial routines.


- Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

- Instant tightening and plumping effect

- Improved Elasticity

- Deeply moisturises and tones the skin


Dermafusion + Intense Boost Ampoule                           £30.00


Ampoules contain highly-concentrated active ingredients which give your skin an intense boost. Applying an Ampoule during the Dermafusion facial will result in a powerful Anti-Ageing treatment allowing you to acheive maximum results.


Dermalift & Dermafusion Facial                                         £45.00


The ultimate Anti-Ageing facial combining both the Silhouette Dermalift and Dermafusion facial treatments.




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